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Positive alternatives to litigation

Litigation is sometimes the only way a dispute can be settled. But many conflicts can be resolved without the adversity inherent in the traditional legal system.

Both mediation and collaborative law provide an option for people who want to work out their own differences and take constructive steps forward, rather than extend their argument and have decisions imposed upon them.


Sometimes, the effects are truly amazing. People who have not effectively communicated in years, if ever, find themselves reaching agreements in a civil and respectful manner. Through their participation in alternative dispute processes, people commit to the decisions made, rather than become embittered by them.

In one example, when parents with children divorce, they must move from an intimate relationship to a business-type relationship in the effective parenting of their children. Doing this enables them to avoid the bitterness and dysfunction that harms children as well as the divorcing couple.

These processes also help business partners learn to communicate better and resolve disputes. Negotiating their respective interests and acting cooperatively naturally leads to a more effective business organization.

Mediation and collaborative law are especially effective when people in conflict will have future interaction, like neighbors with a disagreement. But, even when the parties foresee no future interaction, collaborative law and mediation provide respectful, noble, and dignified processes that are less stressful and debilitating for all concerned.

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